Monday, 27 February 2017

Stress Reducing Natural Eye Care Solutions

Stress has a series of negative effects on the body. These include irritability, headache, lack of mental clarity, a decrease in work productivity and moodiness to name a few. The negative effects of stress on the body are therefore mental, emotional and physical. Stress can also have a negative effect on the eyes. Therefore, here are some ways that stress can affect the eyes and here are some eye conditions that are associated with this health issue.
Eyelid Twitching: This is an eye condition associated with an increase in stress levels. The symptoms that are associated with this eye condition include involuntary spasms of the eyelids that happen frequently. Sometimes they are intermittent and other symptoms of eyelid twitching are just temporary and eventually stop. In terms of severe cases, whereby eyelid twitching is severe, the traditionally recommended treatment is Botox injections under the eyelid. However, these can cause unpleasant side effects. Also, some eye doctors recommend antihistamine eye drops, but this can cause dry eye. From a nutritional point of view, natural eye care specialists recommend significantly limiting your caffeine consumption as this can trigger this condition. You may also want to abstain from alcohol consumption as well. A Magnesium deficiency is also a possible cause for this condition. A natural way to solve this problem is to practice meditation or deep breathing exercises for 15 minutes each day.
Eye Strain: One of the most common eye complaints associated with the negative effects of stress on the eyes is eye strain. Often, this is related to the excessive use of computers and technological devices. It is associated with unhealthy visual habits related to staring and excessive close up work. Engaging in these activities without taking periodic breaks from your close up work can cause a buildup of stress and tension in the eye muscles that leads to eye strain. You can correct this problem by taking periodic breaks to look away from your close up work for several to ten seconds for every 20 minute interval. This eye habit releases stress and tension in the eye muscles thereby relieving eye strain.
Stress affects the body in various ways. These stress effects can be mental, physical and emotional. But when it comes to the eyes these effects are manifested in different eye problems such as eyelid twitching and eye strain. Natural alternative remedies associated with nutrition and eye relaxation techniques provide a safer alternative to traditional medical treatment. Ultimately, these help to build preserve and protect your precious eye health.