Monday, 27 February 2017

Budget Wedding Tips

You think it is too disgraceful to know that you are saving money on your big day? Think again.
A budget wedding is certainly not cheap. And being cost conscious about it is not a crime! Even some celebrities complained about the increased in cost for their wedding ceremonies too.
Do not be shocked if you have friends and relatives asking you after the wedding, how you managed to scrimp and save, yet make the wedding a grand event.
Budget Wedding Planning tips Plan to fail if you fail to plan
It not too hard to think. Treat this wedding as a business and plan! It is good to start planning as early as possible. Use a Spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to record the cash flows and schedules. And ensure that everything related to your wedding expenses are in. Include everything from the churches, invitee list, clothing, accessories, wedding planner charges, photography etc.
Most importantly, set the amount you want to spend and stick with.
Separate Needs from Wants
Ensuring that you know your priorities is sort out accordingly. Do you need that attractive decorations which costs a few hundred dollars hanging on the wall, which will be taken down and thrown away later?
Is there a need for the additional flower on your gown which adds on the cost of the gown by $20? or the additional 20 bridesmaid team when 5 will suffice?
I think you got the idea. Plan and prioritize.
Invitees List
You do not really have to invite every single person who had existed in your life. As per above, do you need to invite your grandfather's brother's son who had taught your maths when you are in grade 3?
Focus on making this group of attendees small and give them the feeling that your wedding is an intimate and exclusive affair. And for the rest that did not attend, host a simple BBQ gathering and get all of them together. That shall do the trick in cutting down your list and saving significantly on your dinner.
Borrow, rent, but just don't buy
To save even more, and make this budget wedding a much more budget event, try to get your hands on the items you need for your wedding, but do not buy!
Know someone that are good in designing? Get him to plan the decorations of in the church. Need flower arrangement? Join a community in flower making and have them to make your wedding floral. You will be amazed by the enthusiasm they have in planning this event with you.
Wedding Date and Time
Does budget wedding planning involves the date and time? Certainly it does.
Hosting a wedding dinner and wedding reception are cheaper on weekdays than on weekend. Wedding time does play a part in cost saving too. Everyone eats more during lunch to give themselves more energy to last through the day, and lesser during breakfast. Thus holding your wedding in the morning means lesser food expenses.
Wedding gown and dresses
Wedding gowns certainly is not cheap. However with creativity, money will be saved. Loan or rent a wedding gown is certainly cheaper than purchasing one. Since you are wearing this only once, rather than purchasing and leaving in the warehouse and not letting it see the sunlight again. Why not do justice to the gown and let it be worn by other people again?
Alternatively, you may wear your mother's  gown or even your grandmother's vintage designed wedding dress and you can build a vintage wedding theme around it. Get a seamstress which you trust and have the wedding dress fit you.
Shop around for wedding dresses from factory outlet shops, newspaper and internet ads, you have probably find a very good offer.
This is one of the part where you require the most assistance as this is one of the most expensive part of the wedding. To get your best budget wedding location, price cannot be the first factor for you to consider. Some wedding reception halls may cost more, but they will have additional services and facilities, thus you have to take this into considerations. Do you want to rent a location with shambly toilet facilities which saves you back on $200 with poor services?
For a budget wedding which is to be hosted at home or at a location where food is not served, a caterer have to be hired. If you have friends that has a forte in preparing desserts, get them to do so and save on the dessert portion from the caterer. You could have fun watching and bond with your friends while designing and making the desserts.
To add on to reducing your food costs, buy beers in bulks or in during sales offer. However, do not buy the alcoholic drinks months before the wedding. I am sure your guests do not want to drink beers with dust, am i right?
Planning a budget wedding does not means that there will be no music. Record the music you like into a single CD or even USB thumbdrives. Play it on a player and let it play by itself. However, make sure that you have listen to all the songs using the single CD or USB thumbdrives at least once. This is to ensure that all the songs copied are in listening conditions.
With regards to transportation, gather the help of your best friends who have cars, i am sure that they will be willingly to be the official wedding driver of the day.
Planning a wedding on budget restriction do not have to be a scary event and does not make your wedding day seems cheap. With the above planning and tips, your best day could be as grand as any expensive wedding.
Budget wedding planning with creativity and sweats will make this wedding day a memorable one as you are the one that is doing the planning from head to toe. By saving little bits of money in every aspect of the wedding, you can be sure that you had a big discount of your wedding and with the money saved, your honeymoon can certainly be spicier!
Simon Tan is a wedding planner and has vast experience in organizing wedding events for guests and his friends. He is often seeked for his expertise in wedding events and has received appreciations for his efforts and knowledge.