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Top Three Places in Thailand for a Spa Holiday

Thailand has become a popular spa destination and people from all around the world are choosing the country for their spa holidays. Many of the spa resorts in Thailand offer excellent packages that people can choose to meet their needs. There are spa resorts affiliated with major commercial chains in addition to the more personalized boutique resorts. Both have their own individual charm and come at different price points. You can choose whichever works the best for you.
Major commercial chain spa resorts offer standard services, and you can be sure of the good quality of their services since they are established and cater to many people. However, boutique resorts offer more personalized services and often better value.
If you are planning to visit Thailand for a spa holiday, here are the top 3 places to consider.
Koh Samui: The scenic, tropical beaches on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand make it one of the best locations for a spa holiday. The spa resorts here offer pampering spa services such as foot reflexology, Shirodhara, Ayurvedic treatments, Indian head massage and a range of traditional Thai spa treatments. You can choose services that target specific parts of the body if you are dealing with specific issues but usually a holistic approach works best. For complete rejuvenation, you can opt for full body massages, body wraps, etc. These are very relaxing and help you feel refreshed. Since you will be staying near the beach, you can spend your time relaxing on the beach in between the spa session. To get more health benefits, you can select the detoxification programs that these spa resorts offer.
Chiang Mai: For people who connect more with the tranquil atmosphere of the mountains, you can select any reputed spa resort at Chiang Mai. This location is surrounded by the foothill of the Himalayas and offers a memorable spa experience because of the scenic beauty and quiet atmosphere. The spa resorts here offer various detoxification, rejuvenation and yoga programs in addition to spa services for your overall well-being. Whether you are just going for a weekend or planning to stay for more than a few days, you can choose different packages to make the best of your trip. You can spend your time in between the different spa services exploring the location and enjoy the location.
Phuket: The spa resorts in Phuket offer a range of Asian therapies. Their services focus on the overall wellbeing of a person and try to create spiritual, mental and physical harmony. Many of these resorts also offer meditation programs, yoga classes and more in addition to spa services. You can also get guidance from certified trainers and experts to plan a workout regime for you. The mouthwatering and healthy Thai dishes are sure to make your taste buds crave for more. There is a good mix of luxury and affordable spa service packages offered by the resorts here. When you opt for a spa resort in Phuket, you can also take some time out to explore the island, which is a very popular tourist destination.

Budget Wedding Tips

You think it is too disgraceful to know that you are saving money on your big day? Think again.
A budget wedding is certainly not cheap. And being cost conscious about it is not a crime! Even some celebrities complained about the increased in cost for their wedding ceremonies too.
Do not be shocked if you have friends and relatives asking you after the wedding, how you managed to scrimp and save, yet make the wedding a grand event.
Budget Wedding Planning tips Plan to fail if you fail to plan
It not too hard to think. Treat this wedding as a business and plan! It is good to start planning as early as possible. Use a Spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to record the cash flows and schedules. And ensure that everything related to your wedding expenses are in. Include everything from the churches, invitee list, clothing, accessories, wedding planner charges, photography etc.
Most importantly, set the amount you want to spend and stick with.
Separate Needs from Wants
Ensuring that you know your priorities is sort out accordingly. Do you need that attractive decorations which costs a few hundred dollars hanging on the wall, which will be taken down and thrown away later?
Is there a need for the additional flower on your gown which adds on the cost of the gown by $20? or the additional 20 bridesmaid team when 5 will suffice?
I think you got the idea. Plan and prioritize.
Invitees List
You do not really have to invite every single person who had existed in your life. As per above, do you need to invite your grandfather's brother's son who had taught your maths when you are in grade 3?
Focus on making this group of attendees small and give them the feeling that your wedding is an intimate and exclusive affair. And for the rest that did not attend, host a simple BBQ gathering and get all of them together. That shall do the trick in cutting down your list and saving significantly on your dinner.
Borrow, rent, but just don't buy
To save even more, and make this budget wedding a much more budget event, try to get your hands on the items you need for your wedding, but do not buy!
Know someone that are good in designing? Get him to plan the decorations of in the church. Need flower arrangement? Join a community in flower making and have them to make your wedding floral. You will be amazed by the enthusiasm they have in planning this event with you.
Wedding Date and Time
Does budget wedding planning involves the date and time? Certainly it does.
Hosting a wedding dinner and wedding reception are cheaper on weekdays than on weekend. Wedding time does play a part in cost saving too. Everyone eats more during lunch to give themselves more energy to last through the day, and lesser during breakfast. Thus holding your wedding in the morning means lesser food expenses.
Wedding gown and dresses
Wedding gowns certainly is not cheap. However with creativity, money will be saved. Loan or rent a wedding gown is certainly cheaper than purchasing one. Since you are wearing this only once, rather than purchasing and leaving in the warehouse and not letting it see the sunlight again. Why not do justice to the gown and let it be worn by other people again?
Alternatively, you may wear your mother's  gown or even your grandmother's vintage designed wedding dress and you can build a vintage wedding theme around it. Get a seamstress which you trust and have the wedding dress fit you.
Shop around for wedding dresses from factory outlet shops, newspaper and internet ads, you have probably find a very good offer.
This is one of the part where you require the most assistance as this is one of the most expensive part of the wedding. To get your best budget wedding location, price cannot be the first factor for you to consider. Some wedding reception halls may cost more, but they will have additional services and facilities, thus you have to take this into considerations. Do you want to rent a location with shambly toilet facilities which saves you back on $200 with poor services?
For a budget wedding which is to be hosted at home or at a location where food is not served, a caterer have to be hired. If you have friends that has a forte in preparing desserts, get them to do so and save on the dessert portion from the caterer. You could have fun watching and bond with your friends while designing and making the desserts.
To add on to reducing your food costs, buy beers in bulks or in during sales offer. However, do not buy the alcoholic drinks months before the wedding. I am sure your guests do not want to drink beers with dust, am i right?
Planning a budget wedding does not means that there will be no music. Record the music you like into a single CD or even USB thumbdrives. Play it on a player and let it play by itself. However, make sure that you have listen to all the songs using the single CD or USB thumbdrives at least once. This is to ensure that all the songs copied are in listening conditions.
With regards to transportation, gather the help of your best friends who have cars, i am sure that they will be willingly to be the official wedding driver of the day.
Planning a wedding on budget restriction do not have to be a scary event and does not make your wedding day seems cheap. With the above planning and tips, your best day could be as grand as any expensive wedding.
Budget wedding planning with creativity and sweats will make this wedding day a memorable one as you are the one that is doing the planning from head to toe. By saving little bits of money in every aspect of the wedding, you can be sure that you had a big discount of your wedding and with the money saved, your honeymoon can certainly be spicier!
Simon Tan is a wedding planner and has vast experience in organizing wedding events for guests and his friends. He is often seeked for his expertise in wedding events and has received appreciations for his efforts and knowledge.

Basic Things You Need to Know About Custom Packaging

Packaging plays a significant role when it comes to marketing a product. It's what the client sees first, and it will establish their opinion on the company they just subscribed to. And you don't even have to be an expert to know that first impression can easily dictate whether your business will reach the high road or end up in a ditch. Custom Packaging is not recommended for startup businesses. However, for established ones it can do wonders when it comes to brand marketing. Hitting all the right details at the same time can elevate your company to a whole new level of success. If you think conducting a proper custom packaging on your product is simple well, then you made a mistake. It is not, there are a lot of playing factors that can easily affect the outcome. Listed below are some of the basic things you need to know first about custom packaging before you give it a try.
Different types of parcels and boxes can be used for packaging. From the regular ones to unique new items that can improve the overall aesthetic of your business. Here are some of them.
• Bubble Wrap Mailers
• Traditional boxes
• Rigid Envelopes
• Customized Envelopes
.Just like the types of boxes, printing can also be done in a lot of ways. Having the right amount of knowledge on how the flow works can work to your advantage and avoid getting ripped off or sold out by fraudulent people.
• Digital Printing - used in most small-sized batches. It is almost similar to home printers that almost everyone has in their homes.
• Flexographic Printing - this one is typically used for mass production. It works in a stamping-like manner.
• Li tho-Label Printing - Unlike the first two, the litho label provides a cleaner finish and a name that has a higher resolution.
One way to save you money is to know what box sizes are you going to need for your business. Doing bulk orders on each size available are not that recommended because of the high probability that you're not going to be able to use all of them.
Now that you're already aware of some basic but important thinks in custom sized subscription box packaging, here's a list of what you need to consider next.

• The way you're going to print it. - Since there are different types of printing, the design or resolution of your box can be affected.
• If you chose the right colors to represent your company - Make sure it goes well with your brand.
• The program where you're going to make it. - You're going to design an essential part for your business, go for nothing less than the absolute best.
• Samples for everyone to see. - Before you do mass printing, it's great to ask everyone first for their opinions. Maybe they could even give proper inputs that can help you a lot.

Easy Method for Carrying Dog Waste

As dog owners, we all desire to find accessories to make our jobs easier. Consider a new way to accomplish that daily task... An easy method for carrying dog waste.
We all love our pooches, but the job of picking up their feces is certainly not an enjoyable task. We know it is the correct thing to do to protect our environment, our and other's shoes and visual rights. Also, realizing the recently exposed contingent of diseases acquired by canine feces, our health is added to the reasons for picking up dog poop. And finally, it is the law.
But once we have picked it up, what do we do with it? Well for years we have simply carried the load along in our hands, being careful not to swing to it hard or bump it against anything. Or maybe we have tied it to our leash, again being careful not to jostle the load. Well talk about visual rights... isn't this a disgusting eyeful when we consider it?
Please consider a better way. Discover a very easy method for carrying dog waste. Simply place the loaded bag into a dog accessory commonly called a dog poop bag holder or dog waste bag carrier or maybe a poop pouch. This accessory will contain and protect the canine feces from bumps and from vision.
There are many different varieties of dog poop bag holders. Most can be connected to the leash in some fashion. Others can also be connected to belt loops for those days we are without a leash. Some are expandable, allowing for more than one loaded bag. Some are also large enough to contain other necessities such as extra empty bags, wallets, cell phones, car keys or a flashlight. One all-encompassing accessory even as a slot for a bottle of hand sanitizer, which is truly needed after picking up dog feces, unless we are possibly near soap and water on our walks.
So we must consider a better way of accomplishing our daily duties. We will still have to pick up our dog poop, but there is now a better way to carry our other necessities and an easy method for carrying dog waste.

Stress Reducing Natural Eye Care Solutions

Stress has a series of negative effects on the body. These include irritability, headache, lack of mental clarity, a decrease in work productivity and moodiness to name a few. The negative effects of stress on the body are therefore mental, emotional and physical. Stress can also have a negative effect on the eyes. Therefore, here are some ways that stress can affect the eyes and here are some eye conditions that are associated with this health issue.
Eyelid Twitching: This is an eye condition associated with an increase in stress levels. The symptoms that are associated with this eye condition include involuntary spasms of the eyelids that happen frequently. Sometimes they are intermittent and other symptoms of eyelid twitching are just temporary and eventually stop. In terms of severe cases, whereby eyelid twitching is severe, the traditionally recommended treatment is Botox injections under the eyelid. However, these can cause unpleasant side effects. Also, some eye doctors recommend antihistamine eye drops, but this can cause dry eye. From a nutritional point of view, natural eye care specialists recommend significantly limiting your caffeine consumption as this can trigger this condition. You may also want to abstain from alcohol consumption as well. A Magnesium deficiency is also a possible cause for this condition. A natural way to solve this problem is to practice meditation or deep breathing exercises for 15 minutes each day.
Eye Strain: One of the most common eye complaints associated with the negative effects of stress on the eyes is eye strain. Often, this is related to the excessive use of computers and technological devices. It is associated with unhealthy visual habits related to staring and excessive close up work. Engaging in these activities without taking periodic breaks from your close up work can cause a buildup of stress and tension in the eye muscles that leads to eye strain. You can correct this problem by taking periodic breaks to look away from your close up work for several to ten seconds for every 20 minute interval. This eye habit releases stress and tension in the eye muscles thereby relieving eye strain.
Stress affects the body in various ways. These stress effects can be mental, physical and emotional. But when it comes to the eyes these effects are manifested in different eye problems such as eyelid twitching and eye strain. Natural alternative remedies associated with nutrition and eye relaxation techniques provide a safer alternative to traditional medical treatment. Ultimately, these help to build preserve and protect your precious eye health.

Working With Freelancers: Keys To Making It Great

Working with a freelancer or two on a larger project can be great for both companies and freelancers. Freelancers get to work from home, and they still make a sizable income. Companies are not required to pay out benefits, technically they do not hire the person, and they can enjoy the skills that the freelancer has to offer, something that they might not be able to find nearby.
Working with a freelancer can also be a bit stressful, depending on the freelancer. Keeping an eye out for these five things, and making sure that they happen, will make working with any freelancer great.
Before working with a freelancer, it's always a good idea to make sure they are dependable. If they do not have any reviews, providing them with a short interview with a deadline will give an idea as to whether they will have work submitted on time. If a freelancer cannot meet the deadline of an interview, they more than likely cannot meet the deadline when work is due.
Communication should also be dependable. A freelancer should be able to be reached at least once a day, if not more. After all, most freelancers work from home, and it only takes a few seconds to send back a message on apps.
Willing to Learn
Every freelancer should be willing to learn something new. If a freelancer is too set in their ways, they will not be flexible enough to handle the many changes that can happen in the workplace, which can easily make it difficult to work with them.
Make sure that freelancers are willing to learn a new thing or two by asking them to login to the workplace apps that are being used. If they insist on using something they are already familiar with instead of taking the time to learn about new workplace communication apps, this is not a good sign, and it may be best to go with another professional.
Pay on Time
Freelancers can be a bit finicky when it comes to working with a company that is not dependable, just like companies do not want to work with a freelancer that is not dependable. By paying on time, responding quickly to messages on workplace communications apps and being there to help them learn new things, companies are laying down the foundation that it takes to build a long-term working relationship with a great freelancer.
Freelancers may not have a long list of reviews, but that does not mean that they do not have the experience necessary for the job. Without reviews it can be hard to check, but not impossible. Simply asking a freelancer for examples of blogs that they have written for previous jobs can help decide whether they have the experience for the job in question.
Communication is vital to make sure that work runs smoothly. If a freelancer is sick, or has a family emergency, they need to make sure to discuss that with the person that they are working for. Make sure that freelancers know how to use workplace communication apps, and then wait to see what happens.
If a message is sent to the freelancer and they do not respond, this is a tell-tale sign of what will happen in the future. By making sure that they know how to use workplace apps, business owners have already done their part. Then, it is up to the freelancer to make sure that they send a message when they will not be able to meet a deadline, etc.
Working with freelancers can be highly beneficial to companies across the world. Keeping these five things in mind will guarantee that things run smoothly, and that companies are able to form a long-lasting relationship with the perfect freelancer.

Using Webinars to Generate Business Sales

Webcasting has become a very strong method of generating sales of your content, products and services. There are a number of webcasting services out there that you can obtain accounts through such as Onstream Webinars, WebEx, Webinar, Adobe Connect, ReadyTalk, also now Periscope (which is a mobile application for live broadcasting owned by and integrated with Twitter) and now you can also use services such as Google Hangouts for no charge as well.
The key to successful webcasting is to strive to bring people into environments that allow you to do the following sorts of things:
· Archive completed seminars
· Allow attendees to both phone in and enter view computer or smart phone application
· Edit recordings when completed
· Mute participants
· Unmute more than one moderator
· Hide comments from participants to other viewers
· Handle hundreds and possibly even thousands of attendees
· Allow a customizable interface process that incorporates the sending out of e-mail invitations and also "about to start" notification messages
· Allows for live embedding of computer page views, video presentations, PowerPoint slides, etc.
· Allows you show the webcams of additional moderators
· Attach clickable files or links
· Share applications
· Have some method attached or a clickable link to a service you own where you can collect a payment
· Redirect people to a URL you specify when they logout
So how do you find the people to come to your webinar sessions? Following is a list of things you can do to get attendees.
· Invite them to attend through your e-mails and auto-responder systems.
· Post the events on various social media sites - try to get them to pre-register with a signup form link (think of using a LeadPage form for this) and a message like "Save your spot now because this webinar will fill up!"
· Announce it through Facebook - boost post if it warrants it price-wise.
· Announce it and advertise it through a YouTube video and campaign
· Announce it on a Lead Capture page on your web or blog site.
· Post blogs about it and share the blog posts
· If you have a related Udemy course, you can also use one of their promotional or maybe even an educational announcement to your students if the webinar meets the Udemy guidelines/rules.
Webinars are a great way to train people and get them excited about purchasing your paid content and applications you are promoting. People signup to learn something new and while learning, they can be viewing a product of some sort that will help them earn revenue, be more productive, or be of benefit to them in some way.
This is almost like one on one selling - but it has an advantage if things go well in your webinar - and that advantage is tied to the building of peer excitement about the product being viewed. If an attendee sees others getting excited and making purchases while on the webinar, it can inspire them to purchase as well.
So do not overlook the use of webinars as part of your sales funnel program. It can make you money.
About Dan Grijzenhout: Dan has lived a successful entrepreneurial career for over 30 years. He has been a consultant, entrepreneur, systems architect and developer, investor, business owner and is now an author, online course creator and teacher, sharing his years of experience and knowledge with others. Search for the name - Dan Grijzenhout - on Amazon to see his available books and e-books.

Should You Be Choosing Oak Bathroom Furniture For Your Home?

When it comes to choosing your bathroom furniture, choosing the right material is not an easy task. You look at all the different material options available from MDF finished with a gloss to the natural look of wood. If you choose wood, then is oak the right choice based on your overall bathroom design?
Here are a few advantages of choosing oak bathroom furniture, which may help you make up your mind and help you complete your bathroom design to your unique style requirements.
The first thing you need to bear in mind when choosing oak bathroom furniture is that it is a completely classic look. Wood has been used for bathroom furniture for centuries and whether you have a traditional or a modern bathroom design, you will find that when choosing wood, oak is the best choice to provide you with the versatility that you need.
Another reason to choose oak bathroom furniture is that it is completely natural. Wood is a natural product that brings that natural finish to any bathroom design. Ensure when making your selection that you choose an excellent quality oak veneer or solid wood cabinet, so that you get the natural finish that you are looking to achieve.
If you are looking for some character that you can blend into your bathroom design, then wood is definitely the right choice for you. Wood, especially oak, is very characterful. This particular wood species offers its own unique grain and knots, which makes it very natural, classic and rich in character which can enhance your bathroom design with ease and confidence.
Look at the overall finish of your bathroom design before deciding to add any wood to the space. Do you have a light and bright bathroom with ample natural light? Do you have a smaller, darker bathroom where you don't get much light and you have renovated it to lighter colours to try and brighten the space? Oak is a light wood, so it will work well in a lighter bathroom design, reducing the risk of darkening the space and making it look cold and uninviting.
The great thing about oak bathroom furniture is that it is so versatile. This type of wood can work in all bathroom designs and can add that natural and beautiful finish to the end product. When making your decision, you will want to bear this in mind to ensure you make the choice that works best for you.
Of course, one of the top reasons so many people choose oak bathroom furniture is that it is completely natural and that means that it is environmentally friendly. This is a smart choice to reduce your carbon footprint. Wood is a sustainable product, which makes it one of the leading choices for bathroom furniture around the world.
Before you make your purchase, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a supplier. This will help you secure the best quality products at prices you can afford.
Choosing a supplier should be done with care bearing in mind that not all companies are equal in terms of the quality of products that they supply. When it comes to your bathroom furniture, you want to ensure that you choose the best quality which is going to provide you with years of use moving forward. The last thing you want is to have to replace the furniture within the next few years, that is only going to cost you money in the long run.
Read reviews on the supplier, identify their returns policy and see how they deliver the products to your door so you can see that you are working with a company that is going to focus on customer service and providing you the finest quality products that you can rely on and trust.

Which Cars Are the Best to Modify?

Looking to change the face of your car? Before deciding on the spot on what to do, think about how you can change the car to look interesting and not weird.
The Volkswagen is one of the most common cars to be modified. The reason for this is that not only is it an affordable car but it also has an ergonomic engine that works well with aerodynamics whilst traveling. The newer models also look amazing with lower profile tyres. Old or new, this car can definitely look great when modified.
Ford is a fast little monster that can take the streets on like no other four-cylinder vehicle. The suspension can be lowered to give it that drag racing look. Not to mention the stunning wheels that can be put on the car to give it the proper street racer look.
Subaru is not the most common car in town but it is definitely the only car you see that will not be modified. These cars resemble racing cars. The suspension is always hectically lowered with a wing installed on the back. Sometimes you will see the wheels added will be the same colour as the paint job of the car. Gigantic exhausts also get installed after the turbo or the supercharger is modified to be the size of a head.
Which other car is popular? You guessed it! The BMW is an expensive car yet still tuned to the maximum capacity. It starts from the wheels, to the leather on the seats and the sound of the car. Not only do majority of these Bavarian beauties come with a smooth engine but people enhance the performance by adding extra features.
The Honda is definitely one of the most modified cars. Not just any Honda, the Honda Civic. The Honda Civic looks very much like a racing car especially the newer models. The car gets installed with low profiles and the suspension gets lowered by quite a substantial amount. Turbo chargers or superchargers are also a favourite on these little machines. Once the wheels are tinted and the wing is added you can easily use that car in a performance racing movie of your own.

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Is Being Able To Spot A Trend An Important Skill To Succeed In Business?

The only thing permanent in the world is 'Change'. The person who is capable of adapting to the change is successful. This is true in life and in business. Every day is a new day in business. One should look forward to tomorrow and live in the present. If you want to succeed in business, you have to look into the future and spot trends before others do it. So being able to spot a trend in business is incredibly important.
Spotting Trends
Spotting trends require a lot of practice. This article dwells on certain tips to follow that can enable you to spot the trends before others beat you to it.
Have a sense of anticipation:
There is a difference between novelty and trends. Every trend begins with a novelty, but not every novelty ends into a trend. One of the finest examples of a novelty becoming a trend is the success of Uber. What started as a mere car-pooling service, ended up as one of the fastest growing 'call taxi service' in the world. This is because the founders of Uber, Travis Kalanick, and Garrett Camp had the vision to grow a business opportunity from an activity as simple as hailing a cab.
Sense the change:
You can experience novelty on a daily basis. It does not take much time for a novelty to develop into a trend. Keeping your eyes and ears wide-open can help under such circumstances. Every novelty displays certain specific characteristics. The trick is in identifying them and cashing in at the appropriate moment.
Know the difference between a fad and a trend:
Most of the novel ideas end up as fads. They are momentary and hence do not have much value in business. However, certain characteristics last long enough for a fad to become a trend. A successful businessperson is one who has the ability to take note of this fact at the earliest opportunity.
Move fast:
Sensing an opportunity is one thing and cashing in on it is something else. You might not be the only entrepreneur to spot a trend. Many more people might have this ability. It boils down to the fact as to who takes the first step. The first entrant into the field stands to gain the most. By remaining ahead of the others, you capture a chunk of the market before the others move in.
If you do not know how to spot a trend, there are organizations of experts who offer free advice to those who are serious in trying to learn how to do so.