Monday, 27 February 2017

Using Webinars to Generate Business Sales

Webcasting has become a very strong method of generating sales of your content, products and services. There are a number of webcasting services out there that you can obtain accounts through such as Onstream Webinars, WebEx, Webinar, Adobe Connect, ReadyTalk, also now Periscope (which is a mobile application for live broadcasting owned by and integrated with Twitter) and now you can also use services such as Google Hangouts for no charge as well.
The key to successful webcasting is to strive to bring people into environments that allow you to do the following sorts of things:
· Archive completed seminars
· Allow attendees to both phone in and enter view computer or smart phone application
· Edit recordings when completed
· Mute participants
· Unmute more than one moderator
· Hide comments from participants to other viewers
· Handle hundreds and possibly even thousands of attendees
· Allow a customizable interface process that incorporates the sending out of e-mail invitations and also "about to start" notification messages
· Allows for live embedding of computer page views, video presentations, PowerPoint slides, etc.
· Allows you show the webcams of additional moderators
· Attach clickable files or links
· Share applications
· Have some method attached or a clickable link to a service you own where you can collect a payment
· Redirect people to a URL you specify when they logout
So how do you find the people to come to your webinar sessions? Following is a list of things you can do to get attendees.
· Invite them to attend through your e-mails and auto-responder systems.
· Post the events on various social media sites - try to get them to pre-register with a signup form link (think of using a LeadPage form for this) and a message like "Save your spot now because this webinar will fill up!"
· Announce it through Facebook - boost post if it warrants it price-wise.
· Announce it and advertise it through a YouTube video and campaign
· Announce it on a Lead Capture page on your web or blog site.
· Post blogs about it and share the blog posts
· If you have a related Udemy course, you can also use one of their promotional or maybe even an educational announcement to your students if the webinar meets the Udemy guidelines/rules.
Webinars are a great way to train people and get them excited about purchasing your paid content and applications you are promoting. People signup to learn something new and while learning, they can be viewing a product of some sort that will help them earn revenue, be more productive, or be of benefit to them in some way.
This is almost like one on one selling - but it has an advantage if things go well in your webinar - and that advantage is tied to the building of peer excitement about the product being viewed. If an attendee sees others getting excited and making purchases while on the webinar, it can inspire them to purchase as well.
So do not overlook the use of webinars as part of your sales funnel program. It can make you money.
About Dan Grijzenhout: Dan has lived a successful entrepreneurial career for over 30 years. He has been a consultant, entrepreneur, systems architect and developer, investor, business owner and is now an author, online course creator and teacher, sharing his years of experience and knowledge with others. Search for the name - Dan Grijzenhout - on Amazon to see his available books and e-books.